Loric Vilesilencer

Human Cleric of Pelor, Bishop of Gardmore Abbey, Trainer of Exotic Beasts


Alignment Good
Height 6’0"
Weight 200 lb.
Age 31
Hometown Fallcrest

As one of the original Dragonslayers, Loric began his adventuring career quite unintentionally. Rescuing his lost mentor, Douven Stahl, was only the tip of the iceberg, and the young priest was soon called upon to disrupt a large cult of Orcus. His encyclopedic knowledge of animal lore would also come in handy as he would be called upon to train and care for a growing menagerie of strange beasts. After the Second Battle of Fallcrest, he used his skills to transform the overgrown southern end of Fallcrest into an agricultural powerhouse. He remains vigilant in spite of his recent success, as the Dragonslayers find themselves surrounded by the plots of demons and evil gods.

Loric Vilesilencer

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