Male Halfling Rogue, worshipper of the Raven Queen, proprietor of Fallcrest's mysterious Den of Vice


Alignment Unaligned
Height 4’0"
Weight 85 lbs.
Age 24
Hometown Unknown

Rescued from a goblin prison cell by the original Dragonslayers, Kol has accompanied them ever since. Since coming to prominence in Fallcrest, he has built a rather shady Den of Ill Repute/Chapel to the Raven Queen and peoples it with a wide array of unsavory characters. Kol was once wanted for unspecified crimes in Moonstair, but he appears to have appeased the aggrieved party, his uncle Rory. It seems that someone named “Nibs” has taken an unhealthy interest in Kol and his companions. Could this be a rival from his past?


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