Male Dwarf Barbarian, sacred berserker of Moradin, leader of dwarven enclave in Gardmore Abbey


Alignment Lawful Good
Height 4’9"
Weight 270 lbs.
Age 37
Hometown Hammerfast

As a devout follower of Moradin, Harbek follows a strict moral code and respects authority. To him, being a savage berserker does not conflict with this outlook at all. Indeed, those who knew him as a young dwarf in Hammerfast would probably describe him as a paragon of the race: strong, fearsome, and quick to anger, but also righteous and wise. It was this essential quality that drew so many displaced dwarves and craftsmen to his Holy Forge in rebuilt Gardmore Abbey. Though he himself has impressive skill at the forge, none ever expected him to settle down to a craft. Moradin has need of many tools, not least of which is the warhammer.


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