Captain Slartibartfarst Da Jin

Male Eladrin Wizard, retired captain of the Celduilon army, High Magus of the Septarchs' Tower


Alignment Good
Height 6’0"
Weight 160 lb.
Age 32
Hometown Celduilon (in the Feywild)

Although he began his adventuring career by searching for his missing friend, Douven Stahl, the eladrin known as The Captain had already spent 10 years in the service of the Celduilon military. As an acknowledged bastard of a minor noble, he was admitted to the Royal College of Wizardry. Slarty graduated with high honors and entered the intelligence division of the Griffon Knights at the rank of Captain. Once his term ended, he was permitted to follow his own path, required only to report to Celduilon when possible of new threats and opportunities. His new position as Fallcrest’s High Septarch is certain to generate its share of each…

Captain Slartibartfarst Da Jin

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