The Dragonslayers' Tavern

The Raven Queen's Test

599 SF, 25 Leaffall As luck would have it, Baron Bolmer still maintained the line of Celestial Chargers given by Erathis to Eothyr’s knights on the founding of the empire. However, he asks a dear price: 13,000 gp. Since Loric had the cheek to ask for a breeding pair, the gruff trader asked for a much larger stake as down payment. Loric reluctantly returned to Fallcrest empty-handed with a promise to return. Meanwhile, the Captain and his companion Napoleon began a scheme to recreate the lost race of Half-Dwarves using an ancient Turathi ritual.

599 SF, 27 Leaffall When the Captain and Harbek finally returned to the Septarch’s Tower, they discovered that a promising young journeyman named Darrem had been organizing work stoppages in a bid to gain a larger stake in the Guild. The Captain intimidated Darrem subtly, but the insolent youth was much more frightened by Harbek’s overt threats. They convinced Darrem to leave the Guild and Fallcrest peacefully, but the damage to the Captain’s coffers had already been done. Kol heard of the strife and quietly slayed Darrem on the road. Kol devoted the arrogant young man’s corpse to the Raven Queen.

599 SF, 30 Leaffall As the town prepared for the Feast of the Moon, Loric reunited with the rest of the Dragonslayers. The group discussed their next goal. Harbek and the Captain, visibly angry at the burning of their brewery, wished to take revenge on the mysterious “Nibs” immediately. Kol, however, suspiciously argued for stopping a group of bandits in the Raven’s Roost east of town. Loric was wary of anything Kol suggested, but a vague mention of demon worship among the bandits seemed to convince everyone.

599 SF, Feast of the Moon With the day of feasting underway, the adventurers slip of town together in the early morning, hoping to avoid the increasing notice of the peasants. As they neared the Raven Roost, they were ambushed by a group of pale-skinned humanoids with the power to teleport and become insubstantial. Though they quickly defeated the bandits, their leader, a witch of some sort, had cursed both Kol’s and the Captain’s souls with shadowy energy. The normally collected Kol began to forget small details, and the Captain’s eladrin aestheticism was twisted to craven desires. The group quickly moved on to the Raven’s Roost, a family chapel standing amidst the overgrown rubble of a ruined manor house. Flying through the crumbling roof, Kol ambushed a female Shadar-Kai standing near an altar and a massive vulture. Not to be outdone, Loric battered down the fallen stone door and came face to face with another pale foe atop a manticore. Harbek decided to highlight his physical prowess by climbing the front wall of the chapel and leaping from the ledge to make a midair grapple on the third enemy riding a wyvern. The bandit lords fought without quarter but were ultimately no match for the Dragonslayers. The leader, Samminel, spoke to Kol before he died. “All who serve the Raven Queen are tested in their time. May the strongest always prevail.” Loric and Harbek had also been tainted (and briefly dominated) by the shadow, with Loric seeming blase and unconcerned and Harbek becoming unable to leave a rage state. Still, the group retrieved several magical items of notable power, and Loric also just managed to subdue all three of the enemies’ mounts!

599 SF, 1 Rotting The new month brought with it a notable increase to the headcount in all of the Dragonslayers’ enterprises. Kol’s rag-tag group seemed to chafe somewhat at his inscrutable commands, while Loric’s pastoral community seemed to embrace his righteous leadership wholeheartedly.



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