The Dragonslayers' Tavern

The Death of Karavakos

599 SF, 16 Leaffall: After holing up for the night in a warded lair, the group continues to explore the Pyramid. They discover angels of Vecna ransacking a library, a group of demons trapped in a frozen room, and a succubus posing as a tortured holy woman. Evidence found throughout casts Karavakos as brilliant but ruthless and further implicates Vyrellis in unsavory schemes of her own. An adamantine key is found in Vyrellis’ former chambers.

599 SF, 17 Leaffall: The Great Stair leading to the Pyramid’s second floor was riddled with traps and guarded by flying foes. This proved an annoyance but not an obstacle. Once above, the group passed through several cursed gates and confronted a clutch of Medusae. They managed to reverse the petrification of three humanoids. The Tiefling was Akmenos, Karavakos’ younger brother, the Elf was Silas, an assassin sent by Bralani Anastriana to recover her daughter Vyrellis, and the winged Dragonborn was Heskan, a noble-blooded descendant of Arkhosia who sought to destroy all remnants of Bael Turath’s power. After defeating a group of aberrant cultists, the group found a mithril key within the bloated wreckage of a warped Mind Flayer.

599 SF, 18 Leaffall: In one final push, the adventurers tore through many undead and fragments of Karavakos’ being. The gold key was recovered, but it became apparent that slaying so many pieces of the mad wizard only served to focus his power in the remaining few. Working against the clock, the group deciphered the riddle of the keys and charged headlong into Karavakos’ sanctum. Seeing his freedom near, the Tiefling fought fiercely, and used his lesser fragments as a shield. The group was battered and weary by the end of the conflict, but they emerged onto the Sword Barrows victorious. The group now held Karavakos’ formulary, an ancient tome filled with rituals and hidden lore.

599 SF, 19 Leaffall: The heroes return to Fallcrest with the three refugees from the Pyramid in tow, as well as Karavakos’ corpse and what remained of Vyrellis. The Captain, acting on a hunch, took out the head of Vyrellis and attempted to speak to her spirit. As expected, the destruction of the Pyramid had released her spirit. That was not the only lasting effect, however, as Akmenos suddenly fell dead. Speaking with his spirit revealed that he had been killed by some final curse set upon him by his brother. Tragedy had struck in Fallcrest as well, as the Dragonslayers’ tavern and brewery had been burned and ransacked in the heroes’ absence. The timing and precision of the damage was obvious, and an Object Reading showed that the mysterious halfling Nibs had been behind it all.

599 SF, 20 Leaffall: Heskan Bronzeclaw thanked the Dragonslayers for reviving him, but seemed rather at a loss as how to proceed. The noble warrior traveled on to the east, planning to find what remained of his family. Kol sent Asange Porter, one of his agents, after Heskan in an effort to secure his future cooperation. Meanwhile, The Captain and Harbek set off for Celduilon where they intended to reunite the Bralani with her servant Silas. Abbot Loric left with a train of other monks and servants for the southern city of Springfield where he hoped to purchase a Celestial Charger.

599 SF, 24 Leaffall: The Captain and Harbek are finally granted their audience with Bralani Anastriana. She was far more regal and beautiful than any woman either had ever seen before, though she also seemed distant and troubled. She graciously accepted the heroes’ gesture and her daughter’s remains and promised that she was in the debt of the Dragonslayers. Loric finally reached Springfield and made an appointment to treat with the richest horse-trader in the Nentir Vale.



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